1. Training of senior civil servants from Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Abia and Imo States on Aid – Management, project monitoring and evaluation, financial management and feasibility studies.
  2. Workshop and Wealth Creation by investment in Stocks and Shares;
  3. Workshop on Attitudinal Change and Productivity in the University System


  1. Community Sustainable Development Index (CSDI) -ongoing
  2. Salvage Public Office Knowledge and Experience (SPOKE) project.-ongoing


(a)        Ten Years of Reforms in Nigeria 1999-2009: Gains, Pains and Prospects

(b)        From Community Development to Sustainable Development: Five Decades of Development Practice in South Eastern Nigeria.


  1. Candidates –Public Engagement Project for Voter Education and Good Governance (ongoing project supported by Independent National Electoral Commission Abuja)
  2. A Strategic Approach to Climate Change in the Context of Water Resource Management in the Niger River Basin. Collaboration with, Tyndall Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK and International Alert UK.
  3. The Annual development Clinic of IDS. The project is designed to bring together mid-career development practitioners, public servants, academics, media and civil society actors to be mentored by more senior colleagues and to receive intensive training on specific contemporary development themes. Each year, a theme is selected by IDS in conjunction with the Coordinator of the Clinic, who is usually a senior academic, policy maker or public servant.  The duration of the clinic is usually two weeks and culminates in the Annual Development Lecture given by a seasoned development practitioner or political figure.  The outcomes of the Clinic are published as IDS Occasional Papers.  Certificates issued to the participants at the end of each Clinic.

Recent themes:

2010 – Sustainable Rural Development

2011 – Democracy and Development

  1. Community Sustainable Development Index (CSDI): IDS currently publishes an annual index on Community Development.  It is designed to provide an authentic assessment of the real condition in grassroots communities in Nigeria.  Through CSDI, the Institute is also building a participatory knowledge creation, utilization and dissemination system in which scholars and local communities collaborate, making knowledge production sustainable and research outputs readily accessible to rural communities.

  1. Salvage Public Office Knowledge and Experience (SPOKE) project: SPOKE is designed to be a system for “debriefing” former top public officers through collaboration with scholars.  It is a partly residential and partly off-campus programme in which doctoral students are attached to former public officers for three to six months to produce a memoir, policy brief or dissertation.  An important component of the SPOKE project is the “scholar-practitioner” dialogues.  These are executive dialogues involving scholars and policy makers/practitioners addressing specific issues of national development and producing policy briefs, monographs and books in language that is readily accessible to policy makers and the wider public